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Take control of your life and mindset to open yourself up to the opportunity of a new and amazing life
From the BestSeller That Has Changed The Lives Of More Than 30,000 People

Put That Stuff Down 2 takes you on a powerful journey to find peace of mind, gain healthier time practice, fully enjoy your life into an organized and welcoming home — all that to finally cope with trauma.

First, it introduces you to powerful techniques to declutter the mind from all the stresses, negative thoughts, and negative self-beliefs. Then it shows you proven methods to organize your environment at home and office. Once your environment is more welcoming and organized, you’ll see how it can really help you strengthen your mindset and clear your mind.

Lastly, the book shows you how to reach your mindfulness and overcome your stress and anxiety, so you can fully enjoy your life with complete peace of mind—free from all

the painful past memories!

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    Learn and review the fundamentals of PTSD.

    Discover ways to set strong adapted goals and objectives to enable your motivation.

    Powerful methods will strengthen your mindset to get through PTSD.

    You will finally break the cycle of depression and find the desires to continue and enjoy life.

    You will unveil secrets to stop the clutter taking over your life and create decluttering habits.

    You will master proven methods to organize your environment at home and at the office.

    You will assimilate life and mind principles to reduce your stress.

    You will stop running after your time and acquire healthy time practice.

    You will be able to seek the compassionate help to support you.

    You will reduce your negative self-beliefs and develop your self-esteem.


    Happy Reader
    Well Done !

    This practical guide to uncluttering your home and life is also a well written and honest account of Valérie and Jean-Michel's PTSD healing journey.

    Suzie Nelsen
    Enjoy Life NOW!

    Suffering from PTSD is extremely debilitating. This book will help you learn to overcome your stress and anxiety by decluttering the mess in your life, starting with organizing your home. A clean home will clear your mind and strengthen your mindset. Take that crucial first step and enjoy life NOW!

    Nikki Arnold

    Valérie Huard and Jean-Michel Tétreault are rockstars! They dedicate their work for people with PTSD, enabling them to understand how trauma affects accumulation of things and clutter cycle. Learn the ultimate tips and tricks into an organized and welcoming home that will also help you cope with your PTSD.